1.   Which of the following Miss World Title holders are from Indian?                   

      (A) Dina Hayden

      (B) Yukta Mookhay

      (C) Priyanka Chopra

      (D) Manushi Chillar

      (A) C and D

      (B) B, C and D

      (C) A, B and C

      (D) A, B, C and D

2.   What is the rank of Indian in the Inclusive Development Index as given by the World Economic Forum?                 

      (A) 50th                             

      (B) 60th                             

      (C) 55th                             

      (D) 66th

3.   What is the theme of the International Day for the Disaster Reduction, 2017?    

      (A) Living with Disabilities and Disasters.                 

      (B) Knowledge for life

      (C) Resilience is for life

      (D) Home Safe Home: Reducing Exposure, Reducing Displacement

4.   Give It Up campaign is related to with of the following ?

      (A) Tobacco use              

      (B) Alcohol use

      (C) LPG subsidy

      (D) None of these     

5.   Recently, International Union of concerned scientist down listed which of the following from the list of endangered to vulnerable species?                          

      (A) Black necked crane   

      (B) Snown leapard

      (C) Black falcon

      (D) Polar bear

6.   Taking in view Naxal attack in Sukma, Ministry of Home affairs response to Naxal Problem was:                   

      (A) Sampada scheme      

      (B) Samdhan doctrine

      (C) Jigyasa initiaitive

      (D) None of these

7.   Which of the following ports are used by Chain for its string of pearls policy?

      (A) Hambantota

      (B) Gwadar

      (C) Bandar Abbas            

      (D) (A)a nd (B)

8.   The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has named two mountains reanges on the dwarf planet Pluto after whom?                           

      (A) Tenzing Norgay and Arunima Sinha

      (B) Arunima Sinha and Edmund Hillary

      (C)Edmund Hillary and Kalpand Chawla

      (D) Tenzing Norgay and Edmund HIllary

9.   Name the Indian boxer who has won the gold medal in 2017 Asian Women’s Boxing Champlain’s?                   

      (A) Kavita Chahal            

      (B) Pinki Rani

      (C) Mary Kom                  

      (D) Kavita Goyat

10. India has been re-elected as member of the Executive Board of which organization of UNO?                           

      (A) UNICEF                      

      (B) WHO                          

      (C) UNESCO                    

      (D) ICJ

11. Which state became the first state of Indian to ratify GST bill?                       

      (A) Assam                        

      (B) Telangana                  

      (C) Bihar                           

      (D) Arunachal Pradesh   

12. GST was introduced as the ________ Amendment Act.

      (A) 100

      (B) 101                             

      (C) 102                             

      (D) 103

13. Which of the following denomination note was introduced immediately after announcing Demonetization?

      (A) 200

      (B) 400

      (C) 2000                           

      (D) 1000  

14. Which state govt. has put in force ‘No helment no petrol’ rule for two –wheeler riders?     

      (A) Gujarat

      (B) Rajasthan                   

      (C) Andhar Pradesh         

      (D) Tamil Nadu

15. Indica was written by:      

      (A) Strabo

      (B) Megasthenes             

      (C) Justin

      (D) Pliny  

16. The Rajtarangini composed by Kalhana in the twelfth century is the main source of :

      (A) History of Assam

      (B) History of Nepal

      (C) History of Medieval Kashmir

      (D) Post-Gupta Economics

17.Match the List-I with List-II and select the code given below:


List –I(Scholars)

List –I I(Original homeland of the Aryans)


Dayanand Saraswati


Central Asia


Bal Gangadhar Tilak




Max Muller


Sapta Sindhu Region


Ganganath Jha


Arctic Region






















18. King Ashoka became Buddhist after he want horrified with the tyranny of Kalinag War. It was in:                  

      (A) 258B.C                       

      (B) 260B.C                       

      (C) 200B.C                       

      (D) 327B.C

19. Which of the following Odisha type Nagar style temples are found at Bhubaneswar?

      1.   Jagannath temple

      2.   Lingaraja temple

      3.   Sun temple

      4.   Mukteswar temple

      5.   Parasurameswara temple                                  

      Choose the answers from the codes below:

      (A) 4 and 5

      (B) 2 only                         

      (C) 2, 4 and 5                   

      (D) 1, 3, and 5

20. The story that Alauddin Khilji invaded to secure Padmini the queen of Rana Ratna Singh of Mewar was vividly described by:               

(A) Malkik Muhammad Jayasi in his epic Padmavat

(B) lbn-Batuta in his Rehla    

(C) Amir Khusrau in Khazan ulFutu

(D) Col. J. todd in Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan

21. Who among these was never elected to the Predidentship of INC?               

      (A) George Yule               

      (B) Alfred Webb

      (C) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (Badsah Khan)

      (D) Nawab Syed

22. Which among the following places were set up as Vedant Centres when Swami Vivekananda visited U.S.A. in 1899?

      1.   Chicago

      2.   New York

      3.   San Francisco

      4.   Los Angleles


      (A) 1 and 2                       

      (B) 2 and 3                       

      (C) 2 and 4                       

      (D) 3 and 4

23. Who moved (and withdrew) as resolution for the enfranchisement of women in the 1917 Session of Indian National Congress?             

      (A) Annie Besant

      (B) Sarojini Naidu

      (C) Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

      (D) Aruna Asaf Ali

24. V.D. Savarkar authored the book:                             

      (A) Eighteen Fifty Seven

      (B) The Sepoy Mutiny      

      (C) The Indian War of Independence

      (D) Rebellions in the Indian Mutines

25. Which of the following present movements is not properly matched with the state in which it was launched?    

      (A) Moplah Rebellion–Kerala

      (B) Pabna Agrarian Movements–Maharashtra

      (C) Kisan Sabha and Ekta(Unity) Movement ­– Uttar Pradesh

      (D) Bardoli Satyagraha-Gujarat

26. Who founded the Satyabadi School with Nationalist Spirit in Odisha?           

      (A) Acharya Harihar         

      (B) Madhusudhan Rao

      (C) Gopabandhu Das

      (D) Kripasindhu Mishra

27. Who among these was not a member of the Cabinet Mission?                      

      (A) A.V. Alexander

      (B) Archibald Wavell

      (C) Stafford Cripps

      (D) Pethick Lawrence

28. The greatest crisis that Akbar faced in 1580-81 was when:                           

(A) Salim revolted            

(B) The disgruntled nobles and officers declared Akbar’s half-brother Mirza Hakim as their ruler

(C) Rana Pratap escaped from the battle of Haldighat   

(D) Yusufzais revolted in the North-West Frontier

29. Which of the following rock types, the Quartzite is related to?                        

      (A) Igneous Rocks

      (B) Sedimentary Rocks   

      (C) Metamorphic Rocks

      (D) None of these

30. Which of the following towns of India is located on Tropic of Cancer?           

      (A) Bhuj

      (B) Bhopal                        

      (C) Gamdjomagar            

      (D) Banswada

31. On the basis of area which of the following is the correct descending order of Indian Union territories?             

      (A) Delhi, Pondicherry and Andaman and Nicobar   

      (B) Pondicherry, Andaman and Nicobar and Delhi   

      (C) Andaman and Nicobar, Delhi and Pondicherry   

      (D) Andaman and Nocobar, Pondicheery and Delhi

32. Which of the following mountains is the oldest?       

      (A) Dinaric Alps                

      (B) Aravalli

      (C) Tienshan                    

      (D) Satpura

33. Which of the following pairs of Indian Forests is not correctly matched?        

      (A) Monsoon Forest–Teak

      (B) Mangrove Forest–Sundari                                   

      (C) Evergreen Forest–Rosewood

      (D) Sevanna Forest

34. On which of the following Indian Rivers the Maitoor Project has been constructed?     

      (A) Kaveri

      (B) Krishna                       

      (C) Yamuna                      

      (D) Narmada

35. The ideal temperature of ocean water for the growth of Corals is:                  

      (A) 100C –150C                

      (B) 150C –200C                

      (C) 200C –250C                

      (D) 250C –300C

36. Tropical cyclones are not found between 100 north latitude and 100 south latitude due to :

      (A) High Temperature

      (B) Low Salinity                

      (C) Great Depth of Water

      (D) Minimum Coriolis Effect

37. Which of the following is foamous for the Cotton Textile Industry?

      (A) Lancashire

      (B) New Castle                

      (C) Shefield

      (D) Durham

38. Which of the following metals, the Zawar mines of Udaipur are famous for?       

      (A) Iron ore

      (B) Mica                           

      (C) Zinc                            

      (D) Manganese

39. Which of the following Indian States is the greatest producer of wind energy?    

      (A) Tamil Nadu

      (B) Maharashtra

      (C) Karnataka

      (D) Rajasthan

40. Which of the following Iron and Steel Plants does not function under the Steel Authority Of India Limited?    

      (A) Durgapur                    

      (B) Rourkela                     

      (C) Bhilai                          

      (D) Jamshedpur   

41. The Pygmy tribe is associated with.                          

      (A) Sahara

      (B) Congo Basin              

      (C) East Africa

      (D) Kalahari

42. Which of the following countries has the highest Anthracite Coal reserves?  

      (A) Russia

      (B) U.S.A                          

      (C) China                          

      (D) U.K

43. Which of the following are matters on which the Parliament has power to modify provisions of the Constitution by the simple majority?   

 1.   Alternation of names, boundaries and areas of states

 2.   Appointment of Additional Judge

3.   Abolition of second chamber of State Legislature

4.   Administration of Scheduled Areas

      Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

      (A) 1, 2 and 3

      (B) 1, 2 and 4

      (C) None of these options

      (D) 2, 3, and 4

44. Who among the following was the Chairman of the Committee of the Constituent Assembly?                       

      (A) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar     

      (B) Jawaharla Nehru

      (C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

      (D) Sarada patel

45. The Indian Federation is based on the pattern of:    

      (A) Switzerland

      (B) USA

      (C) Russia                        

      (D) Canada

46. Which of the following are included in the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution of Indian?     

1.   Uniform Civil code for the citizens

2.   Separation of Judiciary from Executive

3.   Protection of monuments of national importance

      Select the correct answer by using the codes given below:

      (A) 1 and 2

      (B) 2 and 3                       

      (C) 1 and 3                       

      (D) 1, 2 and 3

47. The philosophical postulates of the Constitution of the Indian are based on: 

(A) Nehru Report, 1928

(B) Objective Resolution of Pandit Nehru, 1947

(C) Mahatma Gandhi’s article “Independence in Young Indian” 1922           

(D) Indian National Congress’s Resolution for Complete Independence, 1929

48. Who among the following was not a member of the state Reorganization Commission(SRC) appointed by Pandit Jawaharla Nehru?

      ((A) Justic Fazl Ali

      (B) Potti Sriramula

      (C) K.M.Panikar

      (D) Haridayanath Kunzru

49. Under Article 368, the Parliament has no power to repeal Fundamental Rights because these are:          

      (A) Enshrined in Part -3 of the Constitution              

      (B) Human Rigthts

      (C) Transcendental Rights

      (D) Part of Basic Structure of the Constitution

50. Which of the following is not an element of ‘Secular State’ in Indian?            

      (A) Civil equality

      (B) Taxation on religious property                             

      (C) Freedom of religion

      (D) No religious education by the state

51. Which of the following Act introduced bi-Cameral Legislature at the central level in Indian?                             

      (A) Indian Council Act, 1909 

      (B) The Government of Indian Act, 1919

      (C) The Government of Indian Act, 1935

      (D) The Indian Independence Act, 1947

52. Who Said, “All communalism is harmful. The logic of minority communalism is separatism, and majority communalism culminates into fascis”?                    

      (A) Asish Nandy               

      (B) Bipin Chandra

      (C) Zoya Hassan

      (D) Bhikhu Parekh

53. Article 371 of the Constitution f Indian Provides for special provision with respect to which of the following state(s)?

      (A) Andhra Pradesh

      (B) Assam

      (C) Nagaland and Sikkim 

      (D) Maharashtra and Gujarat

54. Which of the following is not a correct statement regarding unitary system? 

      (A) In a unitary system, there is one state and one Government

      (B) There is constitutional division of powers between the Central and the Local Governments             

      (C) Local bodies derive their power and autonomy from the central Government

      (D) Unitary system is particularly suited for a small country

55. 73rd Amendment does not apply to the states of:

      1.   Nagaland

      2.   Mizoram

      3.   Jammu and Kashmir

      4.   Meghalaya

      Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

      (A) 1 and 2                       

      (B) 1, 2 and 4                   

      (C) 1, 2, 3 and 4               

      (D) 2 and 3

56. The Cochairman and members of the UPSC hold office for the term of:

      (A) Three years

      (B) Four years

      (C) Five years                  

      (D) Six years

57. Which one of the following is not a salient feature of the constitution of Indian?  

      (A) Written Constitution and supremacy of the constitution                            

      (B) Quasi-federal structure    

      (C) Committed Judiciary

      (D) Distribution of Powers

58. Which of the following is not a cause of Inequality in India?                           

      (A) Inequality in the ownership of assets

      (B) Laws of Inheritance

      (C) Corruption and Smuggling

      (D) Growth of Service Sector in Indian

59. Which of the following is not an objective of Niti Aayog?

 (A) Allocating financial resources to states               

(B) To foster cooperative federalism by evolving a shared vision of National Development Priorities

(C) To develop mechanisms to formulated credible plans to the village level and aggregate these progressively at higher levels of governmen

(D) To pay attention to the weaker sections of the society that may not have benefitted from economic progress

60. Which statement depict the best definition of Sustainable Development?      

      (A) It means optimal utilization of natural resources

      (B) Sustainable use and natural resources without considering the need of the future generation                              

      (C) Present generation fulfills its needs while considers the need of future generation as well

      (D) None of these

61. Which of the following is not a cause of growing consumer goods market in India?

      (A) Growth of meddle class in India

      (B) Urbanisation

      (C) Liberalisation policy of Government

      (D) Growing Inequality in India

62. NAFFD is a cooperative organization of the:            

      (A) State Level

      (B) National Level            

      (C) District Level

      (D) Panchayat Level

63. ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana’ is run by:           

      (A) Scheduled Commercial Banks

      (B) Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance

      (C) Ministry of Rural Development                            

      (D) Reserve Bank of Indian   

64. What does it mean by Human Capital Formation?   

(A) Development of Infrastructure for the Economy 

(B) Development of abilities and skill of people              

(C) Increase in the stock of machines, equipment, buildings is  the Economy     

(D) Growth of Bank deposit

65. The main argument to estabilish ‘Special Economic Zones’ in Indian is:              

      (A) To give a boost to export of manufactured goods

      (B) To promote export of agricultural goods             

      (C) To give a boost to domestic demand for manufactured goods

      (D) None of these

66. Janani Surakhya Yojana is a :                                   

      (A) Hundred percent centrally sponsored scheme

      (B) Hundred percent state Sponsored Scheme        

      (C) Centre and state has 50: 50 share                      

      (D) Fully sponsored by the private sector

67. Inclusive Growth in India can be achieved:               

      (A) through a Progressive tax

      (B) Through a Regressive tax

      (C) Through a Proportional tax

      (D) By completely scrapping all taxes

68. Payment Banks are different from other commercial Banks in the following ways:     

(A) These banks only accept deposits

(B) Only provide payments and remittances services

(C) Only distribute third party financial products     

(D) Accept deposit, provide paymens and remittances services, distribute third party financial products but are not allowed to lend or isue cards

69. Usual Principal Status Employment is measured in

(A) Number of persons who did not find even an hour of work during the survey week                                   

(B) Number of persons who remained unemployed for a major part of the year

(C) Number of persons who dis not find work in the day or some days during the survey week               

(D) None of these            

70. Tendulkar Committee was appointed on:                 

      (A) Poverty Estimation

      (B) Industry Sector Reforms

      (C) Bank Frauds

      (D) Public Welfare

71. Which of the following sectors has attracted the highest Foreign Direct Investment flows into India during the recent years?                  

      (A) Chemical other than fertilizers

      (B) Services sector

      (C) Food Processing

      (D) telecommunication

72. Three US Scientists have been awarded the Nobel prize in Physics for their work on gravitational waves. Which of the following is not of them?

      (A) Rainer Weiss             

      (B) Kip Thorne

      (C) Barry Barish               

      (D) Jay Hannigam

73. Dark coloured soil with high water holding capacity is considered highly productive as it contains:                   

      (A) High clay content       

      (B) Sand and calcium      

      (C) Clay and humus

      (D) Silt and earthworms

74. The introduction of new life forms in a denuded habitat is initiated by the process of:     

      (A) Ecesis

      (B) Affregation                  

      (C) Migration                    

      (D) Coactions

75. Biological equilibrium is the balance between:         

      (A) Producers and consumers                                  

      (B) Producers and nutrients

      (C) Consumers and ecological factors

      (D) Producers, consumers and decomposers

76. In a pond ecosystem, the BOD increases  due to:

      (A) Photosynthetic activity of algae

      (B) High density of aquatic macrophytes

      (C) High density of fish

      (D) Increase in the population of bacteria

77. Ozone layer in the stratosphere is affected by the increase in the atmospheric concentration of :             

      (A) CO2                                  

      (B) NH3                            

      (C) SO2                            

      (D) CFC

78. Considering the global warming potential of OC2 as one, the global warming potential of CH4 has been estimated to be approximately:      

      (A) 12

      (B) 15                               

      (C) 21                               

      (D) 35

79. the pollutants like phenol and mercury can be removed from water by:

      (A) Sedimentation

      (B) Electro-dialysis

      (C) Filtration

      (D) Biological oxidation

 80. The pollutant generated in high quantity by the thermal power plants is        

      (A) SO2                            

      (B) CO                              

      (C) NH3                            

      (D) Fly ash

81. Which of the following cities is associated with organization of “Earth Summit”? 

      (A) New Delhi

      (B) Geneva                      

      (C) Rio-de-Jeneiro           

      (D) Sydney

82. LNG stands for:

      (A) Liquid Nitrogen Gas

      (B) Liquefied Nitrogen Gas

      (C) Liquid Neon Gas

      (D) Liquefied Natural Gas

83. Kyoto Protocol was signed by the member contries at Kyoto(Japan) in         

      (A) 1995

      (B) 1997                           

      (C) 1999                           

      (D) 2003

 84. The first nuclear reactor in India was built in the year 1956. Its name was.    

      (A) Kamini

      (B) Rohini                         

      (C) Bhaskar                      

      (D) Apsara

  85. What is a bio-gas plant?  

      (A) Digester

      (B) Aerobic digester         

      (C) Anaerobic digester

      (D) Gassifier

86. What for OTCE stands? 

 (A) Odisha Thermal Energy Corporation

(B) Ocean Temperature Energy Conversion

(C) Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

(D) Organization of Thermal Energy Conversion

87. Bronze is an alloy of:       

      (A) Copper and Nickel

      (B) Copper and Iron

      (C) Copper and Tin

      (D) Copper and Aluminium

88. Which of the following is an ore of Iron?                   

      (A) Siderite

      (B) Malachite                    

      (C) Bauxite                       

      (D) Anglesite

89. Silviculture is the              

      (A) Art and Science of cultivating herbs

      (B) Art and Science of cultivating grasses

      (C) Art and Science of cultivating flowers

      (D) Art and Science of cultivating forest trees

90. Arid Forest Research Institute (AFRI) is situated at:

      (A) Nagpur                       

      (B) Jodhpur                      

      (C) Kanpur                       

      (D) Fatehpur

91. It is thought that dozens of ships and planes have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the area. To most people it is an area of bad luck and extra-terestrial activity. This area is known as:

      (A) Bermuda triangle       

      (B) Cuba

      (C) Puerto Rico                

      (D) Gulf of Mexico

92. Beaching powder used in Fish pond is working as:  

      (A) Disinfectant                

      (B) Sterelent

      (C) Snail Controller          

      (D) Parasticide

93. What is a fishing gear?    

      (A) Motoriesed boats

      (B) Wooden boats

      (C) Devices used to catch prawn and lobsters such as nets, traps, hooks and even hands

      (D) None of these

94. The approximate life time of a common electric bulb is 1,000 hrs whereas the approximate life time of a LED bulb is:

      (A) 5, 000 hrs

      (B) 10, 000hrs                  

      (C) 20, 000hrs                  

      (D) 50, 000hrs

95. The safe threshold limit of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere in ppm is   

      (A) 350

      (B) 600

      (C) 800

      (D) 1000

96. The detection of gravitational wave on 14th September 2015 by the LIGO collaboration from the merger of two black holes, is the first direct detection of gracitational waves and the first observation of a binary black hold merger. This provides evidences for?  

      (A) Arrhenius theory of electrolytic dissociation        

      (B) Einstein’s general theory of relativity

      (C) Newton’s law of gravity

      (D) theory of black body radiation

97. What is a syngas?           

      (A) It is a gas mixture of CO, H2, CO2 and N2

      (B) It is a gas mixture of CH4, O2 and CO

      (C) It is a gas mixture of CH4, CO2, N2, H2 and O2

      (D) It is a gas mixture of H2 and O2

98. Which Committee has been constituted by the Union Government to continuously monitor the solutions to air pollution?                        

      (A) Bhure Lal Committee

      (B) Sunita Narain Committee

      (C) C.K. Mishra Committee   

      (D) Harsh Vardhan Committee

99. The two major functional components of any ecosystem are:                        

      (A) Energy flows and producers

      (B) Nutrients cycling and energy flow                       

      (C) Energy flow and decomposer population

      (D) Consumers and energy flow

100.Extinct, critically endangered and vulnerable are the categories assigned to the species by:                       

      (A) UNO                                 

      (B) IUCN                          

      (C) FAO                            

      (D) UNEP



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