Teaching Aptitude Quiz-1


Environmental education should be taught in schools because

  • It will affect environmental pollution
  • It is important part of life
  • It will provide job to teachers
  • We cannot escape from environment


At primary level, it is better to teach in mother language because

  • It develops self-confidence in children
  • It makes learning easy
  • It is helpful in intellectual development
  • It helps children in learning in natural atmosphere


Women are better teacher at primary level because

  • They behave more patiently with children
  • They are ready to work with low salary
  • Higher qualification is not needed in this profession
  • They have less chances in other profession


What is most important while writing on blackboard?

  • Good writing
  • Clarity in writing
  • Writing in big letters
  • Writing in small letters


Some students send a greeting card to you on teacher's day. What will you do? You will

  • Do nothing
  • Say thanks to them
  • Ask them to not to waste money
  • Reciprocate the good wishes to them

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