Teaching Aptitude Quiz-3


Kindergarten system of education was contributed by

  • T. P. Nunn
  • Spencer
  • Froebel
  • Montessori


'National council of educational research and training' was established in

  • 1961
  • 1962
  • 1963
  • 1964


A guardian never comes to see you in school. You will

  • Ignore the child
  • Write to the guardian
  • Go to meet him yourself
  • Start punishing the child


To maintain interest among students in class, a teacher should

  • Use blackboard
  • Discuss
  • Tell stories
  • Ask question


The purpose of new education policy is

  • To provide equal opportunity of education to all
  • To improve the whole education system
  • To link the education with employment
  • To delink the degree with education

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